Ammar Bilal


Ammar is currently in his 2nd year of Korean studies at The English and Foreign Languages University (Hyderabad), where his passion for the language shines brightly. 

Recently, Ammar obtained a perfect score of 200/200 in the TOPIK exam, clearing TOPIK Level 2, which reflects Ammar’s dedication to learning Korean. Apart from academics, Ammar loves immersing himself in the magical realm of K-dramas, making use of them not only for entertainment but also as a tool for learning the Korean language. This makes him an excellent choice for leading young learners through their Korean language journey.


  •  Lectures120 (Hours)
  •  Quizzes8
  •  Duration25 Weeks
  •  Course levelA1.A2
  •  Type of studentsInternational
  •  Students each class10
  •  Midterm examYes
  •  Culture Programs12
  •  Final AssessmentsYes