Below is the list of students who qualify for th certificate. In order to get certificate and move to the next level students must first pay the certificate fees 850 Rs or 1700 Rs on below link and Contact Umar Sharif to get the certificate on


Within a month if you do not take your certificate. We will not issue the certificate later.
This amount is very minimal, which somehow will be supportive of organizational operations, and you will become a contributor and supporter of the Umran Community. It is our collective effort.

Name LanguageLevelReading
(Required 70%)
(Required 70%)
(Required 70%)
(Required 70%)
(Required 70%)
Culture Program|
(Required 75% ),
4 out 6
Class Attendance|
(Required 75% ),
20 out 24
Overall ScoreNormal/fine /fail
ALSA ARAM ZIA KHAN ArabicA1.18587868590909087.57Normal
ALEEZA VAKEEL ArabicA1.18688858590909087.71Normal
ARSHIYA FATIMA TANZIL ArabicA1.18885909090958889Normal
SANIYA MALIK ArabicA1.19088888890909289.42Normal
SARA KHURSHID ArabicA1.19090888890909089.42Normal
ALI RAZA SALEHY ArabicA1.18280858490908885.57Normal
ASGAR ALI ArabicA1.290859586959010091.57Normal
MOHD FIRDOUS ArabicA1.285849084959010089.71Normal
Zoya mallik TURKISHA1.19087959010010010092.4Normal
saniya malik TURKISHA1.1908595909010010090Normal
sahin TURKISHA1.1858595809010010087Normal
umra TURKISHA1.1908395859010010088.6Normal
Dawar Ghani SpanishA2.175807083609010079.7Normal
Namjut Tarique SpanishA2.1808578100809510088.2Normal
Shambhavi Srivastava RussianA1.110095.4100801009010095Normal
Anuj Kumar RussianA1.110095.41008090909092.2Normal
Aqsa farheen EnglishA1.27070757592909080.2Normal
Halima khatoon EnglishA1.27070757085809077.14Normal
Syeda Iram EnglishA1.27080758585959583.57Normal
Shazia EnglishA1.28080708570958080Normal
Saniya EnglishA1.27070707080809075.7Normal
Uday shankar sah EnglishA1.27080707092959581.7Normal
Umme Salma EnglishA1.28085908590959087.8Normal
Nasim Akhtar SpanishA1.195959396100759092Normal
Rustam Azad SpanishA1.17980828085758580Normal
Md. Nasim SpanishA1.17081727174759076.1Normal
Abdul Faiz Khan EnglishA1.195841009090807587.7Normal
Anura Khan EnglishA1.1908490907010010089.1Normal
Nissar Hussain Khan EnglishA1.195847190808010085.7Normal
Nissar Hussain Khan EnglishA1.195607070701008077.8Normal
Mahfooz Alam EnglishA1.1808070717510010082.7Normal
Mohmmad Yaqoob EnglishA1.19582908070908284.1Normal
Sheikh Saniya EnglishA1.18072708070807275Normal
Rubina GermanA1.29094    85 Fine
Navneet Kaur GermanA1.29390    85 Fine
Rahul Rana GermanA1.19591949797959394.57Normal
Hanin Hadi GermanA1.193929597971009395.28Normal
Lokesh Kumar GermanA1.19394969796929394.42Normal
Mohd ishtaq aba GermanA1.19093919693939092.28Normal
Abdullah GermanA1.19192909698999093.71Normal