To ensure the sustainability of UGS and smooth operation, the UGS administration and teachers have collectively made the following decisions:

Umran Language Certification (ULC)

Application Fee:

An application fee of ₹150 is charged to conduct the entrance exam. Students who qualify for the entrance exam are eligible to register for the course.

Registration Fee:

Once students qualify for the course, they can register by paying ₹850. Students receive the course and certificate upon registration. The e-certificate fee is included in the registration. 


UGS is a community-based learning organization where all members, including students, teachers, and administrators, share responsibility. Students are expected to actively participate in classes and cultural programs and communicate promptly with the administration for issue resolution. While UGS strives for prompt resolution, the ultimate responsibility lies with individuals.

UGS serves as a collaborative platform for mutual benefit. Teachers enhance their skills, while students access affordable courses. Interns fulfill graduate course credits. All members contribute to building a strong community and network. Note that fees paid to UGS are non-refundable in any condition. These fees contribute to operational expenses, not to profit. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment.

Achievements of UGS:

UGS has been dedicatedly working for almost four years with a vision to provide accessible and quality language learning and teaching opportunities to everyone. Benefiting more than 4000 students and teachers from more than 42 countries, facilitating students to secure positions in esteemed institutions, attain employment, and even receive prestigious Fulbright scholarships for advanced studies in countries like America, Germany, and Turkey. These accomplishments underscore the effectiveness and impact of UGS’s language programs.

Terms and conditions for the class: Classes will only be conducted if there are at least five students registered for the course. If we do not get enough students for the course, it will be postponed to the next semester. As mentioned above, it is a community-based academy; therefore, students should also make an effort to ensure that enough students are registered for the course.

(Certificate value: This certificate is awarded based on a standardized teaching curriculum taught by qualified teachers, with each level encompassing a comprehensive 60-hour course. Therefore, we proudly recommend our certificate as a recognized qualification for language proficiency. Students who earn this certificate can leverage its value in their professional careers and academic pursuits wherever language proficiency is required and might be applicable .) (Please check our curriculum and instructors.)

To qualify for the certificate, a minimum class attendance rate of 75% and a 75% attendance rate for cultural programs are mandatory. This criterion applies even if the student has performed exceptionally well in midterms, finals, and quizzes. Please ensure compliance with this attendance policy to secure your certificate.

We understand concerns about attendance and its impact on performance. We give students opportunities in the following ways:

  • A fine of ₹350 will be applied to students failing due to attendance issues. For this, the student must have taken at least 50% of the classes. Otherwise, they will not qualify to take this chance. 
  • If a student fails for reasons unrelated to attendance, such as lower scores in exams, they will receive an additional chance to pass the exam without incurring any charges. After these attempts, a fee of ₹350 will be levied for each reexamination.
  • Students are free to repeat the level if they fail the course, but they will not be promoted to the next level. In such a condition, the student must have a valid reason for repeating the course.

For individuals interested in obtaining a certificate without enrolling in Umran’s courses, we offer the Umran Language Certification Test (ULCT) for a proficiency certificate. Fee: ₹1850 

Umran Language Certification Test (ULCT)

Umran Language Academy conducts the Umran Language Certification Test (ULCT) to award proficiency certificates. Any student qualifying for the test is eligible to receive the certificate. Presently, we assess proficiency up to A2 level and issue certificates accordingly.

Exam Format:

The ULCT consists of two parts:

  1. Reading and Writing, and
  2. Listening and Speaking.

Reading and Writing:

Reading: Two passages for reading  Writing: Grammar, color, communication, two short essays

Total Questions: 40

Time Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Listening and Speaking:

Listening audios: 2 Total Question: 10-15
Speaking: Interview + 1 Question on a Subject

Time Duration: 1 hour


Application Process for ULCT: 

*Students fill out the application form.
*Pay the exam fee of ₹1850.
*Contact us to initiate the process.
*Select an exam date, which should be at least 20 days after the application date.

UGS will coordinate with students and teachers to finalize the exam date. The actual date may vary, occurring either before or after the initial 20 days.

This comprehensive language certification test aims to assess and certify language proficiency up to the A2 Level. We encourage students to undertake this examination to demonstrate their language skills and earn a certification from Umran Language Academy.