Purchases & Refunds

Yes, there is a minimal course fee, which is subsidized as it includes a 70% scholarship.
No, you will not receive a refund of the paid fees under any circumstances.
No, you will need to register for the course again.

UGS Scholarship

The UGS Scholarship provides subsidized courses to students, covering tuition fees, course materials, personality development training, and certificate costs. UGS Scholarship aims to provide a quality of language training with certificate to all types of students. Under certain conditions, students may receive financial support. If a student refers one other students who register for the course, the student will receive a scholarship of 1500 Rs. If the student refers one more, the scholarship amount increases to 3000 Rs. In all cases, the student must be registered with Umran. (This how we want to engage and contribute to the project for larger benefits of people) Furthermore, the full course fees of the top-performing student will be waived for the next level.
The UGS provides courses to applicants of all nationalities. The UGS scholarship is basically designed for both economically weak and strong students and for the students coming from rural and urban areas. The program and scholarship are open to applicants of any nationality above the age of 15.
No, if you have missed more than four classes and more than one cultural program, you will be considered as having failed the course and will not receive a certificate. UGS reserves the right to cancel the entire batch if all students exhibit similar behavior.

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