We envision UGS Language Academy to develop into a world-class, non-profit voluntary based online language and culture learning academy that will provide quality language education to all communities, regardless of race or gender or region, particularly for girls and women and students from remote areas who cannot travel to other cities owing to restrictions, who are unable to attempt a course that is too expensive in the education market, or who have had to abandon their studies.


The goal of the UGS Language Scholarship is to provide language courses to low-income students in order for them to further their education and find better employment opportunities. Because languages play an important role in any opportunity, whether it is for personal development, a job, or further education, UGS wants to ensure that every marginalized student who cannot afford language course fees of the market, receives language courses as well. Most city schools offer at least one foreign language, but village schools do not. UGS is attempting to provide these opportunities to them.

UGPF is collaborating with various organizations and educational institutions to encourage students to join as both students and volunteers, for which UGPF provides UGS scholarship and fellowship to them. UGFP offers certificates and training to students and teachers. This program also instills in students leadership qualities, responsibility, communication skills, and a sense that all human beings are important and included.

Umran Green School offers online and offline language classes with certifications and scholarship to anyone who are interested. So far more than 3000 students from more than 42 countries have reached Umran Language Academy to learn and teach languages.

The Umran Language Academy assists students in achieving their educational and career objectives, as well as provides them with culturally varied exposure, allowing them to address problems such as women’s empowerment, humanitarian aid, and international collaboration. 

The Umran Language Academy has proven to be particularly helpful for girls and women who are unable to travel to other cities owing to restrictions, who are unable to attempt a course that is too expensive in the education market, or who have had to abandon their studies. 

This Language Course is created in collaboration with the Umran Culture Program that includes a discussion on language learning and culture studies. The program consists of an open forum, education, lecture, social, cultural, and spiritual development training, and an opportunity for students to give a presentation with the help of our qualified educators. This program provides both urban and rural girls and boys, men and women, worldwide and high-quality knowledge, allowing them to communicate.

This online and offline language program facilitates communication between people from other cultures, and our approach will enhance them with new ideas and perspectives. For many individuals in this financial crisis and such a troubled society, this program is a source of hope and involvement with life. Not only that but they become our future volunteers and leaders for a better humanity.

More than 50 teachers, 200 volunteers, 18 team members, 10 interns, 7 renowned professors, and 15 research students from several countries make up UMRAN’s present team. We are looking for volunteers to help us increase the scope of UMRAN.