Khushi Sisodiya


I’m a research scholar and my research interests are German literature and culture. I am excited to bring aspiring and hands-on learning experience to the students with a creative and energetic teaching style. I possess the ability and willingness to help each student in achievement of proper literacy. Dedicated to helping every student to reach their full potential. Apart from academia my interests consist of sketching, dancing, and writing. I’m fluent in Hindi, English and I am always looking to brush up my language skills and to know about different cultures.


  •  Lectures120 (Hours)
  •  Quizzes8
  •  Duration25 Weeks
  •  Course levelA1-A2
  •  Type of studentsInternational
  •  Students each class10
  •  Midterm examYes
  •  Culture Programs12
  •  Final AssessmentsYes