UARA was founded in March 2021 due to the successful conclusion of the UMRAN International Symposium 2021. The UMRAN Green Perspective Foundation organized it under the leadership of Rajeev Kumar, supported by Professor Bruce B Lawrence and Dr. Vahdettin Işık, Director at the Alliance of Civilizations, Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul. A brief idea of the project was primarily proposed to Professor Lawrence. After the positive response from Prof. Bruce, Rajeev Kumar communicated with Prof. Mousumi G Banerjee from The EFL University, Shillong, India, and Professor Heba Raouf from the Ibn Haldun University. Both of them found it exciting and promising.  



Total Activities in a Year 

Names of Activities

Number of activities


Research Training (UARA Research scholar will give academic training to students and engage them with this project)



Academic writing (UARA research students will produce a total of 12 academic works that will result in a book)



Academic talk (in national languages: UARA scholars will organize talks in their local languages to disseminate the knowledge)



Academic talk (in the international language: Seminars inviting professors to talk about their scholarships)



International Symposium