Proposal passed by 100 students, teachers and volunteers 



Proposal for New Application Fees at Umran Language Academy 2023


Important Announcement


Dear All,


We hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. At Umran, we have always aimed to provide top-quality education and support to our learners. Today, we want to share some important updates with you and, more importantly, hear your valuable thoughts.


No Course Fees: We want to assure you that Umran remains committed to providing accessible education. There will be no course fees. Instead, we are introducing an application fee. After submitting an application, we will conduct a general entrance exam and a short interview, and successful candidates will be selected for the course.


Application Fee of ₹155: To ensure the right application.


Certificate Fee of ₹850 on Successful Course Completion: Crafting certificates is a meticulous process that demands time and skill, especially due to our collaborations with esteemed institutions that require documentation. To cover these costs and support Umran’s operational expenses, we are planning a modest certificate fee.


*Note: Students who do not wish to receive a certificate won’t be required to pay any fee.


Attendance and Failure Policy:
We understand concerns about attendance and its impact on performance. We give students opportunities in the following ways:


  • A fine of ₹850 will be applied to students failing due to attendance issues. For this, the student must have covered at least 50% of the classes. 

  • If a student fails for reasons unrelated to attendance, they will receive an additional chance to pass the exam without incurring any charges. After these attempts, a fee of ₹500 will be levied for each reexamination.

  • Students are free to repeat the level if they fail the course, but will not be promoted to the next level.


For Students Outside Umran:

For individuals interested in obtaining a certificate without enrolling in Umran’s courses, we offer the Umran Language Certification Test (ULCT) for a proficiency certificate. Fee: ₹1500

Umran Language Certificate Text (ULCT) and Umran Language Certification (ULC)


Umran Language Certification (ULC)

UGS Calendar


We propose a calendar with four semesters in a year, eliminating any gaps between them. Based on past experiences, we have found that students prefer to complete their courses as quickly as possible, and having gaps in the schedule has led to complaints.


For our regular students who are already enrolled, there’s no need for re-registration. They can seamlessly progress to the next level. To provide better opportunities and reduce the workload on individual teachers (ensuring one teacher doesn’t handle more than two semesters), we suggest that each semester be a 6-month duration, with the A1 level split into two parts. This arrangement benefits both teachers and students, allowing them to complete the Fellowship and receive their certificates within six months.

After six months, new teachers will have the opportunity to join, while the previous teachers will still remain connected with us. They can even be invited as guest speakers to share their insights and inspire students. This approach not only enhances the quality of education but also opens up new avenues for educators on our campus.

We Value Your Input: Your opinions matter greatly to us. We are eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions on these matters, as we strive to make Umran’s language education accessible and sustainable.


Umran Language Academy Admin