Proposal passed by 100 students, teachers and volunteers 





Community Service Requirement for UGS Language Scholarship Recipients at (ULA)

Umran Language Academy (ULA) requires all UGS Language Scholarship recipients to engage in community service, fostering a sense of community, respect, and compassion. Here are the guidelines:

  • Each student must serve at least 4 hours per month, totaling 12 hours throughout the semester. ULA will select students based on the academy’s needs.
  • If students cannot fulfill this service requirement, they must support UGS with 600 INR per month (totaling 1800 INR) to support the UGS community.
  • Students who perform well as volunteers and are willing to continue their service may receive a stipend from UGS.
  • Students are encouraged to contribute to UGS community building by serving voluntarily, providing financial support, or both, depending on their capacity.
  • As a community-based language academy, UGS emphasizes the development of a sense of community, values, respect, care, compassion, and vision among its students.
  • Students can create small projects for their communities, such as organizing educational programs for children, tree planting initiatives, social awareness campaigns, and other educational activities. UGS will provide financial support for these projects.

Stipend for Students:

If students wish to take on additional responsibilities beyond the required hours, are qualified for the required tasks, and perform well in the language course, UGS will offer a small stipend or incentives, which can be funded through sponsorships or donations.

Students must determine how they can best serve the community and inform the administration ( Potential tasks for students include:
Social media management
Video editing
Event coordination
Event organization
Volunteer coordination
Task tracking
U-Talk Podcast moderation
Other related tasks