Umran Culture Program: Group Presentation Guidelines

Students are required to organize a group presentation to showcase their language proficiency in the Umran Culture Program. This event occurs every fortnight at 9 PM on Saturdays, according to Indian time, throughout the semester. The presentation dates for each department have already been scheduled. Both teachers and students share responsibility for the success of this presentation, as it is a crucial part of the course and mandatory for all students to participate in and attend every culture program.

Here is an outline for the content of the group presentation:

1. Start with simple dialogue to showcase what the language sounds like ​

2. Create a simple quiz related to the language and the country you are learning. ​

3. Storytelling​

4. Language and Culture Presentation​

5. Select 5 words and engage Audience ​

6. Poetry Recitation or Song Performance:​

Check the video : Click here